These are the Proposed Actions

Preparatory action, preparation of management plans and/ or action plans.

A.1. Update of the existing information on the biological communities of the study areas .
A.2. Hydrodynamic characterisation of the study areas .
A.3. Design and drafting of the Building Project of environmental recovery actions.
A.4. Drafting of the environmental impact studies associated to the project actions.

Specific preservation action

C.1. Recovery of the conservation status of habitats of community interest by the elimination of Baccharis halimifolia.
C.2. Recovery of the good conservation status of the habitats of community interest by recovering tidal dynamics.
C.3. Recovery of the conservation status of the habitats of community interest by implementing a green filter system and stopping green algae proliferation.
C.4. Drafting of a biodiversity management plan for the coastal lagoons of Cantabria.

Follow-up of the impact of the Project’s actions

D.1. Follow-up of the environmental and hydrodynamic recovery activities.
D.2. Assessment of the preservation status of the habitats and species of community interest under recovery action.
D.3 Assessment of the goods and services of the ecosystem.
D.4 Assessment of the socio-economic impact on the local population and economy.
D.5 Follow-up and measurement of the specific CONVIVE LIFE indicators.

Raise public awareness and dissemination of the results.

E.1. COOPERA-NATURA Technical Conference
E.2. CONVIVE-NATURA Conference
E.3. CO-EDUCA NATURA Workshops
E.4. Photography contest “The uses of coastal natural spaces”
E.5. Project dissemination
E.6. Closing Day
E.7. Layman Report

Project management and follow-up of project progress

F.1.General Project Management
F.2. Building up of networks with other projects
F.3. Independent external audit
F.4. Post-LIFE Plan