One of the actions proposed in this project is the building up of cooperation networks with other similar projects with the purpose of establishing a transnational working group to put together the various actors involved in the water spaces of the Natura 2000 network.  This project should recognise the strong interaction between human uses and preservation in a way that it may be a meeting point to promote the HARMONIC COHABITATION of cultural, educational, touristic and socio-economic activities in the spaces of the Natura 2000 Network.

In order to do so, we intend to prepare an inventory of coastal water spaces of the Natura 2000 network sharing issues associated with the management of habitats and species preservation within a multifunctional and interactive framework with various socio-economic activities similar to those existing in the spaces with which this project is involved. This inventory includes information coming from European databases and a


This survey is aimed at obtaining information on the main interactions amongst activities, uses and pressures developed in the protected areas, which may pose a risk to meet their habitat and species preservation objectives as well as any actions implemented to promote the HARMONIC COHABITATION of cultural, educational, touristic, socio-economic and preservation activities. At the same time, it intends to ensure the targets of the Natura 2000 network are met. The survey has been organised in three sections where the following information is sought:

1) the SCIs/SACs.

2) Activities and associated pressures.

3) Forecasted action or measures.

This survey is presented in 4 languages