Representatives of IHCantabria and the Government of Cantabria traveled to Goes (Zeeland) for the development of two days of work with technicians from the Royal Netherland Institute of Sea Research (NIOZ) and with managers and representatives of the Dutch government during the days 6 and 7 March 2018.

During the first day, held at NIOZ’s headquarters in Yerseke, researchers from IHCantabria’s research centres, NIOZ and other invited researchers exchanged experiences through a series of technical lectures and debates under the title “Providing a scientific base for ecosystem restoration in the Schelde”.

The second conference was held under the title “Coexistence between uses and nature conservtions in estuaries”. During the morning, a visit was made to two restoration experiences in the Westerschelde estuary (Perkpolder and Waterdunen) and after the field visits, a working meeting was held with representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Ministry Rijkswaterstaat), representatives of the province of Zealand and representatives of the NGO Het Zeeuwse Landschap, all of whom were managing the spaces restored, visited during the morning.