Prior to the start of the CONVIVE NATURA Conference on October 26th, the exhibition of photographs corresponding to the majority of those presented in the contest that IHCantabria, within the framework of the ConviveLIFE program, organized last June, was inaugurated. The prizes were also awarded to the winners.


The exhibition, comprising some thirty works, although a total of 91 were presented, will remain on this site until 30 November. After its passage through Arnuero, the Exhibition will rotate through different locations, such as the Interpretation Centre of the Oyambre Natural Park, in December; the Interpretation Centre of the Natural Park of the Marismas de Santoña, Victoria and Joyel, in January; the former railway station of Puente Viesgo, in February; and, finally, in the Exhibition Hall of the Penitentiary Centre of El Dueso (Santoña).