The seminar “Management and management of coastal wetlands in the framework of LIFE projects” was held on 25 and 26 October at the Casa de las Mareas de Soano (Arnuero) within the framework of action C4 Drafting of a Biodiversity management plan for the coastal lagoons of Cantabria.

In the seminar, with the participation of national and international LIFE projects, the coastal lagoon management plans written in the CONVIVE LIFE project were presented, as well as different experiences of wetland management in Cantabria, Valencia, Catalonia, Castilla León and Castilla La Mancha, and Italy.

The seminar was completed with a field visit to the Joyel marshes and Victoria lagoon, where attendees were able to observe the actions implemented by the CONVIVE LIFE project to improve the conservation of these Natura 2000 sites.