During the month of October, the first of the restoration works of the tidal dynamics in Joyel’s surroundings was carried out. This work has consisted in the opening of the old cuttings of the dike of the Santa Olaja mill, which were walled up, and the installation of dams that allow the tidal wave to enter the inside of the mill’s lagoon, maintaining the water embalming capacity for the mill’s operation.

These new openings will allow for an increase in the renewal of the lagoon waters and, as a result, the reduction of eutrophication problems associated with the low rate of renewal and the improvement of the conservation status of the habitats and species of Community interest present in the lagoon.

This action complements the removal of green algae inside the lagoon of the mill, carried out simultaneously with the installation of the new flaps. The improvement of water renewal and the removal of macro-algae biomass will make it possible to reduce the processes of eutrophication of the lagoon.